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How to submit words and places to the glossary

This glossary is open to submissions from the public and we’d love you to add words or locations where examples of landforms can be found. Clicking on the “Submissions Form” link will open a form in a new window where you can add just a word or, even better, a whole entry with example locations and even images if you have them. However much information you have, we’d love to get it.

  • Check the glossary:

    A quick search of the glossary will tell you if we already have the term you’re interested in. I we do and you’d like to add information, perhaps an example location, an etymology, or an image, simply fill in a submission form for the existing term and we’ll amend the entry.

  • Multiple spellings:

    If a word/term has alternate spellings please add as many as you can to the “Alternate spellings” box, but chose just one for the main “Term” box.

  • Map it:

    If you have map references for an example location (we love these) we prefer OS grid references or Google map links. If you’re using another system please let us know which one it is.

  • Photos and copyright:

    Please ensure that any images you upload are your own, or that you have permission to submit them to a third party (us). We will credit all images “© Your Name” unless instructed otherwise in the “Other Notes” box on the form.

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