Oxford Literary Festival: Nature and Language

February 2nd, 2015 | Posted in: Events

I’m going to be discussing nature, language, ecology and wonder with George Monbiot, Caspar Henderson, Cameron Hepburn and Kathy Willis at the Oxford Literary Festival on the 22nd of March.

Raymond Williams famously observed that ‘nature’ is perhaps the most complex word in the English language. If the word itself is complex, so too is the way that we talk about nature.  From the language we use to how we frame our relationship with nature, the way we talk about the natural world profoundly affects our perception of it and the related choices we make. It influences relationships with the natural world at both a personal and policy level.

Join us for two highly interactive and interconnected sessions that explore the interplay between our language and our values as they relate to the natural world.

In partnership with the Oxford Martin School, festival ideas partner.

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