Misty Mistor

November 13th, 2013 | Posted in: Images

Mistor © DTyler 2013

I’ve been scanning the films from my field-trip to Devon and Cornwall and finding a few that don’t relate to any particular landscape feature but which I shot anyway. This was from the morning I walked up Mistor on Dartmoor to find the rock basin called the Mistor Pan. Dawn was breaking as I reached the tor but the hilltop was veiled in misty cloud and as the sun cleared the horizon the light diffused into the haze in a dream-sequence palette of pink and orange.

Periodically, as I ran about trying to find the basin, the wind would strip the clouds away, replacing a gauzy dream with bright clarity and then more cloud would roll up the hill and engulf it again. It was like drifting between sleep and consciousness for a while.