Floodgates - opened

June 11th, 2014 | Posted in: Support, Video
© Dominick Tyler 2014

© Dominick Tyler 2014

I’ve had an amazing response since the BBC put up a short piece about the project (see it here). Scores of people have sent in words, images and example locations to add to the glossary and many more have contacted me to offer support.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been in touch, I’m looking forward to sharing the project with you and I’ll do my best to get all the submissions on to the glossary as soon as possible.


  • Francesca

    Hello, I just saw the piece on BBC America. Even though it’s about the British landscape, I am looking forward to the book’s publication!

  • K Elms


    What a good idea! So much gets lost as local memory
    fades. I have sent you a few and will add more later. As a
    Yorkshireman living in the US it brings back memories to see the old
    words. Will buy the book!

  • Bob Harvey

    Shame your submit page doesn’t work!

    • Dominick Tyler

      Hi Bob,

      Sorry that you’ve had problems with the submit page, it’s affected a few people and it’s very frustrating but we are trying to work out the issue and correct it. In the meantime you can email terms to