October 21st, 2014 | Posted in: Uncommon Ground
© Dominick Tyler 2014

© Dominick Tyler 2014

Uncommon Ground goes to the printers at the end of the month. I’ve just had the proofs back and it’s looking absolutely beautiful. The design is clean, clear and organic. The care and attention of my editors has improved my text immeasurably, and the images, now that I can see them all in place, are flowing beautifully. The image above is of the mock up Guardian Faber produced on some lovely matt paper stock that I think is going to give the whole book a very inviting texture.

It’s an exciting time, watching everything come together, but work on the book has completely overwhelmed me for the last few months. I intended to get everything finished off by August but that wasn’t to be and only now is the end really in sight. As a result I have had to put to one side the updates to the website and in particular the inclusion of the many submissions that continue to flow in from the public. I’m really sorry about this but I will do my best to make amends and in the coming weeks I will finally have the breathing space I need to get back to the database and start to add those words.